Baptismal & Confirmation Certificates

electronic Certificates for unlimited use


Is there an explanation of the certificates (explaining the Scriptures, the art work) that I could hand out to families with the certificates?
We're working on it, and when it's ready it will be available to download on our website.

Are the Baptismal, Baptismal Sponsor, Confirmation & Marriage Certificates only available in black/white, or are there color versions?
The Baptismal, Baptismal Sponsor, Confirmation & Marriage Certificates are available in color and black/white.

What is the big circle at the bottom of the certificate?
This is a place for the church seal.

Is it possible to obtain paper copies of the certificate?
Can't print 11" X 17", eh? We can print certificates for you at $5 a piece (black/white), plus $5 shipping per order.

Who did this?
The Wolfson Certificates are the result of joint efforts of Bryan Wolfmueller and Jason Hanson. Bryan is the pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Aurora, CO, and Jason works as a graphic designer. We started a little business called Wolfson to distribute the certificates. Interested in knowing more about Wolfson Creative? Contact us.

Wolfson, what's that?
Wolfson is the name of the company that makes and distributes these certificates, and hopefully more things that will be helpful in the life of the church. The name started as a joke, a combination of "Wolfmueller" and "Hanson" and "Wolfson," seemed better than "Hanmueller."