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“Therefore every Christian has enough in Baptism to learn and to practice all his life; for he has always enough to do to believe firmly what it promises and brings: victory over death and the devil, forgiveness of sin, the grace of God, the entire Christ, and the Holy Ghost with His gifts. In short, it is so transcendent that if timid nature could realize it, it might well doubt whether it could be true.” (Martin Luther, The Large Catechism)

In baptism the Lord Jesus delivers to His dear children the gifts of eternal life, salvation and the forgiveness of all our sins.

The Wolfson Baptismal Certificates are designed to teach (with Scripture and artwork) the marvelous treasure of baptism. It was designed to be a keepsake, framed and hung on the wall in the nursery, dinning room or the office, as a constant reminder that we are baptized, the heirs of the Lord's promises. It is our hope that this baptismal certificate helps the Lord's baptized children rejoice in the gifts of life, salvation and the forgiveness of sins that the Lord gives in this washing of regeneration.

Electronic Certificates for Congregations (unlimited printing)
$50 (color), $35 (black/white), $75 (color & b/w set).
Individual Paper Certificates $5 each - black/white (with $5 shipping per order).