Wolfson Creative Certificates

Baptismal, Confirmation & Recognition

Additional Information

Ordering Information
Please visit our order page to submit an online order request. Your certificate will be customized and ready within 3-5 business days and we will email you a download link(s) along with an electronic invoice. The certificates are distributed by Wolfson Creative.

We customize each certificate with the name of the congregation, as well as their city and state. This gives a nice personal touch to each certificate, and it also limits distribution.

Viewing and Printing Information
The Wolfson Baptismal Certificates are in PDF format (which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, edit and print). Please note: The baptismal & confirmation certificates are large. These print on an 11” x 17” page (which will normally require the ability to print from a copy machine or a trip to a copy shop with a zip drive, flash drive, CD, etc.). The baptismal sponsor certificate is 8.5" x 11" and the certificate of recognition is 11" x 8.5"

We recommend acid-free paper for longer life. Hope uses an Ivory, 11 X 17 size, laser, inkjet and copier compatible paper. This paper is acid and lignin free for long lasting quality. (You can find this paper here.) If you find other paper and sources, please let us know.
Please try to print one of the sample certificates before you place your order.

Editing Information
There are fields in the certificates that may be edited with the information necessary. These fields may also be left blank and may be filled out by hand.

Electronic Certificates for Congregations (unlimited printing)

Baptismal Certificates:
$50 (color), $35 (black/white), $75 (color & b/w set).

Baptismal Sponsor Certificates:
$40 (color), $35 (black/white), $50 (color & b/w set).

Confirmation Certificate:
$50 (color), $35 (black/white), $75 (color & b/w set).

Marriage Certificate:
Electronic Marriage Certificates for Congregations (unlimited printing)
$50 (color), $35 (black/white), $75 (color & b/w set).

Electronic Marriage Certificate (family, single printing) Color $20

Paper Marriage Certificate (family, with shipping and handling) Color $30

Certificate of Recognition:
$25 (black/white).

“Really?” Really. This is a one-time charge. At this cost the congregation receives the right to print an unlimited number of customized Baptismal Certificates, Baptismal Sponsor Certificates, Confirmation Certificates and Certificate of Recognition for their own congregational use, any time they want, as many times as they want. There are no additional fees, no charge per print, etc. – your congregation can print as many of the certificates as it sees fit.