Baptismal, Sponsor, Confirmation,
Marriage & Recognition

electronic printable Certificates for unlimited use



The Wolfson Certificates are designed to teach (with Scripture and artwork) the marvelous treasure of the Gospel. They are designed to be keepsakes, framed and hung on the wall in the nursery, dinning room or the office, as a constant reminder that we are baptized and confirmed, the heirs of the Lord's promises. It is our hope that these certificates help the Lord's children rejoice in the gifts of life, salvation and the forgiveness of sins.

Electronic Certificates for Congregations (unlimited printing)
Baptismal Certificates:
$50 (color), $35 (black/white), $75 (color & b/w set).

Baptismal Sponsor Certificates:
$40 (color), $35 (black/white), $50 (color & b/w set).

Confirmation Certificate:
$50 (color), $35 (black/white), $75 (color & b/w set).

Marriage Certificate:
Electronic Marriage Certificates for Congregations (unlimited printing)
$50 (color), $35 (black/white), $75 (color & b/w set).

Electronic Marriage Certificate (family, single printing) Color $20

Paper Marriage Certificate (family, with shipping and handling) Color $30

Certificate of Recognition:
$25 (black/white).

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